Scam Artist Phones Police Captain Threatening To ARREST Her If She Doesn’t Hand Over Her Bank Details And Her Response Is Hilarious

We’ve all had one of these calls where it doesn’t seem so convincing so you instantly know it’s a scam…

This one is next level when a caller threatens a police captain and demands her bank details. The scammer claims she has been charged for drug trafficking, money laundering for $10million. Apparently, she will be arrested in 45 minutes.

The so-called officer is apparently called John Black who is from social security. He is making very serious allegations as well as asking for her home address and social security number.

Captain Stevens, from Apex police department in North Carolina, took the phone call to warn people against ever giving out their details to anyone.

After continuously refusing to give the caller her bank details, and cleverly giving the address of the police department, the caller says someone is coming to arrest her within 45 minutes.

She asks:

‘For what?’

The scammer states:

‘Some serious allegations. Some serious allegations under your name.

‘Under your social security number there are several serious allegations under your name. There’s a bank account open under your name that was used for to commit a fraud of more than $10 million.

‘This account was used to transfer and receive fines for illegal local and international wire bank transfers that include money laundering, drug trafficking and for internal revenue services.’

She asks:

‘So I’m going to be charged with drug trafficking?,’ asks the police officer as she sits in her office.

The scammer continues:


‘because someone was using your social security number, did you share your social security number with anyone?’

The phone mysteriously goes silent before a ‘senior officer’, claiming to be called Jason Brown, picks up the phone.

The scammer, with a very similar voice, adds:

‘Your call has been transferred to a senior investigation officer, in the senior investigation branch’

‘How are you doing today?’

She replies:

‘I’m good how are you?’

He adds:

‘I’m fine, thank you very much for your concern.

‘Now you were speaking to one of my junior officers regarding a case correct? asked to speak to a senior officer is that right?

‘Okay now go ahead and let me know, how many bank accounts are originally owned by you? That has nothing to do with the illegal activity?’

She interjects:

‘Well if it has nothing to do with illegal activity why do I have to tell you how many bank accounts you have?’

‘If you don’t tell me then we’ll go ahead and suspend all the bank accounts that are connected to your social security’, they threaten.

‘So don’t blame us if you lose any money. We are trying to help you out over here.’

She says:

‘I want to know what the allegations are against me and what you’re going to take out a warrant for’

The scammer continues:

‘Right now there are two criminal charges against you. 1. Drug trafficking and number two money laundering, okay?’

She says:

‘Well that’s better than the 25 the first guy told me.’

The caller then hangs up.

Captain Stevens explains:

‘So folks these are scam callers. Don’t ever give out your information, don’t ever verify your information if they have it.

‘That information can be found on the web about anywhere.

‘Don’t verify your social, your date of birth, anything like that. They’re all scammers.

‘Just hang up on them, or have a little fun.’

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