Prosecco-Loving Bride Creates The Wedding Dress Of Dreams

Yes.. you read that right, this prosecco-loving bride has created a truly bespoke wedding dress that can hold 50 glasses of prosecco and she is now offering to rent out the custom-made dress.

If it’s your wedding day, 50 glasses of prosecco is definitely acceptable!

Kelly McMillan from Pilton, Edinburgh wanted to have a circular solid steel frame made to fit on her dress and she did it.

The frame is made up of four rows of metal holders… they fit perfectly onto her dress and people were left stunned.

She wants to rent out her “prosecco dress” to future brides so they can experience the prosecco styled dress and it will only cost £100.

Bride to be’s are branding “the dream dress” with plans to rent it themselves.

Kelly first saw a similar dress when a customer in her hair salon showed her one and she thought it would be the ‘perfect’ way to kick off her wedding party.

When she approached a blacksmith, who at first, thought it would be very difficult to execute.. well it worked because she turned up to her wedding reception wearing it.

Kelly, sharing the dress online, wrote:

“Prosecco dress for hire. Holds about 50 glasses. Solid steel. Can be dropped off and picked up.”

The “dress” has a wide opening at the back, which allows the bride to step into it.

Kelly said:

“It was fantastic, it’s much more personal than just sticking a table full of prosecco and letting guests grab one.

“You just stand in it while they grab a glass and you can speak to them.”

Kelly talking about her guests, said:

“They were loving it, everyone loved it because it was different.

“We had little messages and plaques hanging from it and it made it really special.”

Kelly said:

“I asked the hotel if they wanted to keep it, but they didn’t have the space. And I didn’t want to leave it behind or just having it sitting in the house.

“I hope other brides will be able to enjoy it themselves too, I don’t want it to go to waste.”

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