Photos Showing A Birth In The Red Sea Aren’t What You Think

In the recent week, you may have seen a few images of a baby being born in the red sea, and you probably thought it was a little strange.

The photos aren’t even the confusing part..

The images showed two men a father and a doctor who was helping carrying a baby out of the water with its umbilical cord still attached.

They made their way out of the water to the baby’s mother on shore.

People assumed the mother had just given birth and started to praise the ‘beauty’ of the moment. It turns out, the way the photos looked, weren’t the case.

It’s been reported that the baby girl’s Russian mother and Serbian father wanted to bathe her in the ocean with the placenta still attached as it holds many health benefits.

Clutching the placenta in an orange bucket whilst cradling the child, people on the beach caught the moment her father and a doctor carried the baby out of the water.

The photos were initially shared on facebook by Egyptian badminton player Hadia Hosny El Said, who claimed they showed the woman giving birth in the ocean. The badminton player went onto delete the posts. Before they were removed, the photos went viral and thousands of people left comments.

It’s a belief and practise that leaving the placenta attached to a new-born baby is the norm for natural birthing methods and is referred to as a ‘lotus birth’.

The umbilical cord will not be cut for three and 10 days after birth until it naturally separates.

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