People Around The World Are Getting Tattoos Of Instagram Model’s Face On Their Bodies

This may sound a little strange, but people around the world are wanting to have a tattoo of Instagram model’s face on their bodies.

Model Ellie O’Donnell, 22, says she is flattered, and calls it ‘the biggest compliment’.

Ellie has an amazing 920,000 followers on Instagram, and only finds out about the tattoos after people have got them and tags her in the posts.

The people who get the crazy tatts loves showing them off online.

Ellie said:

“I think it’s the biggest compliment anyone could give me. Like they literally chose to have my face on their body for life?

“Some people have said it’s strange, but in my opinion so many people get random faces tattooed on them all the time, they just chose mine.

“Most of the time I don’t know they are getting a tattoo and I just get tagged afterwards. It’s crazy.”

There are tattooists as far away as the US and Australia sharing photos of their work featuring Ellie, how mad is that?

Belfast-based tattoo artist @johninkflow, said:

“It was the client that wanted her picture so I just customised it.”

Aaran Haslett said he spotted a photo of Ellie on instagram and said she had ‘good facial features’ for tattoos so he decided to ink a customised image of her on a client’s hand wearing clown make up. WOW!

He said:

“I found her picture on Instagram but I didn’t ask her as she has about a million followers, so I assumed she wouldn’t reply.

“I’ve also seen her post about tattoos done by her before and she was happy about them so I just assumed she wouldn’t mind.

“She was excited to see the finished result when I tagged her in the design.

“She has good cheek bones, big lips and all that stuff that leads to a better tattoo.”

When Ellie saw the tattoo, she was very happy, saying:

“So a tattoo artist just sent me this design he will be doing today. So crazy this is the seventh time someone’s had my face tattooed!”

She added:

“I think every single tattoo I’ve been tagged in are spot on. The tattoo artists are all incredible at their job.

“With something so specific they must make sure they are going to a top tattoo artist to get it right. I don’t know any of the people who have had them, but I have actually made friends with a couple after they have tagged me.

“One guy is from Australia he actually has two tattoos of me! He’s very sweet.”

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