NEW BEAUTY TREND! Putting Semen On Your Face Can Reduce Wrinkles And Spots..

Most people are always looking for ways to improve their ‘flaws’ and finding the newest beauty trend is a must. This new one though is definitely and interesting not everyone will want to opt for it.

One drastic beauty trend to reduce spots and wrinkles and is backed by skin expert involves a big bowl of semen and lathering it all over the face because apparently, it does the job..

Chelsee Lewis, who has 22 years of experience in the beauty industry and many celebrity clients swears by using your partner’s sperm as a face mask to help keep your skin looking healthy. WOW!

Chelsee explains:

“Sex is one of the best ways to boost oxygen and improve circulation to the skin, which will give you an immediate glow.”

“Sexual intercourse helps the stress hormone but also helps to balance the hormones and improve collagen production. But you can go one step further with a sperm mask. Yes, you heard right!”

She added:

“Using your partner’s sperm as a mask is full of a compound called spermine, which is an antioxidant which can help reduce wrinkles, smooth the skin, prevent acne or spots and give you overall healthy-looking skin.”

This is probably a very awkward conversation between your partner and yourself, you’re basically asking for a pot of semen to add to your beauty regime..

If this doesn’t sound like something you’d be ‘into’ Chelsee also creates bespoke treatment experiences and skincare plans for each of her clients – including using ice cold water and ultrasound as alternatives for semen. Well that’s good news..

Apparently if you fill the sink up with ice cubes and cold water and splash your face 15 to 20 times before applying your makeup, it will leave your skin feeling ‘tighter and brighter’.

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