Mulled Wine Hair Is Latest Trend Just In Time For Christmas

The festive season is well and truly upon us, and that means that there are currently lots of trends in the fashion and beauty world that are utterly Christmassy.

Whether that’s Christmassy nails, smoky red and green eye-shadows, or the cutest Santa Claus pajamas, the festive season is most certainly a stylish one.

But the latest Christmas trend is not one to missed – mulled wine hair.

Mulled Wine Hair – Instagram

Mulled wine is only drunk in the festive season, and its spicy and warming aromas truly get us into the Christmas spirit – so why not do the same with our hair?!

These jammy and plummy tones have been cropping up more and more on Instagram recently, and it seems that everyone is going crazy for this festive shade.

Dark Mulled Wine Hair – Instagram

Noted first by PopSugar, the color is marked by a deep berry-red base hue—the same shade as that Bordeaux you just poured into the saucepan to simmer—with undertones of cinnamon and orange.

It’s similar to the purple-red hair color that was popular in the ’90s, but the multidimensional tones in this shade, plus an updated cut, make it firmly of this year.

Mulled Wine Curls – Instagram

Ultimately, it’s more soothing and less in-your-face—plus, the sheer variety of tone combinations you can explore means that there’s a right shade of mulled wine for just about anyone. 

There’s only a few weeks left until Christmas, so get booked into your closest hair salon to get the ultimate festive makeover!

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