Mother HORRIFIED After Son Finds Razor And Shaves His Brother And Sister’s Hair!

Mum of three found out that her young son had given himself a haircut using their electric razor. It didn’t stop there..he also chopped his sister’s hair AND his younger brother’s too.

The mother, Stephanie Leigh, caught the entire thing on video and posted it on to Instagram. It’s now become a viral sensation.

The mum was in tears when she realised just what her son, Teddy, had done to himself and his siblings before pulling herself together to reassure the kids ‘it’s only hair’.

The video begins with Stephanie saying:

“This is real time, I’m crying because… look. Teddy found the buzz cutter…”

Eloise, Stephanie’s daughter, stood beside Teddy assessing the damage with her mum, until she turned around to show the entire back of her head had been shaved, leaving two tiny pigtails at either side of her head.

Stephanie asks Eloise:

“Do you like your new haircut?”

Eloise honestly responds:


Asking Eloise why she allowed her brother to shave her head, Teddy explains:

“She said she wanted me to do that a lot. So I did it and…”

Finally Stephanie says:

“It’s just hair, it’s hair and it’s gonna grow back and Mummy’s ok.”

Instead of shouting at the children, Stephanie commended their honesty.

She explained to Teddy:

“Honesty, that’s good. It’s just hair, it grows back. Ok?”

When little Eloise confided in Stephanie, saying:

“Mummy, I look like a boy,” she comforted her daughter, convincing her:

“No you don’t look like a boy. You’re a beautiful girl. You’re beautiful, it doesn’t matter. It’s cute, we’ll make it work ok? We’ll make it work.”

Eloise then asked:

“Mummy, can you put your hair on my head?”

Stephanie has taken matters into her own hands and finished off the job for Teddy, shaving the rest of his and Freddie’s hair.

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