Mortified Guest Is Told To LEAVE Wedding After The Bride Accidentally Invites Her

Oh dear…this was a BIG mistake!

When deciding on guests you would like to share your big day with, you think you’d have that on lock, right? Some will be invited to the full day and some will only receive an evening invitation. Its a difficult decision.

So.. imagine if you…ACCIDENTALLY invited an evening guest for the full day and they… obviously, showed up.

I mean, some accidents are easily forgivable but this one seems like a hard one to look good after.

One guest was left completely hurt and offended when she arrived for her friends wedding… only to be told to leave after learning she was sent the wrong invite. Ouch.

Imagine picking out your outfit, hat, preparing a wedding present… it’s a horrible situation to be left in… and quite frankly.. hurtful.

The guest took to Reddit to explain the day was one of “the most mortifying experiences” and shared the image of the invitation to show she had in fact been invited for the whole day.

She explained:

“We were surprised to be invited to the day, but knowing what a flaky friend the bride has been over the years, I could understand she might be struggling to fill a room these days”

“After the service we had a lovely chat with her over a drink before the wedding dinner and carried on mingling… until the chief bridesmaid came over to shepherd me aside starting with:

‘This is really awkward and I’m really sorry to say this, but you’re not supposed to be here until the evening and the bride is freaking out because there’s no place setting for you.’

She added:

“I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me.

“She was implying that we had just rocked up and crashed the wedding, so I got the day invite (which I’d luckily brought along) out of my pocket and showed her.

She continued:

“Rather than accept the mistake and try to accommodate us, she just kept saying how awkward this is until I said, don’t worry, we’ll go and have some food elsewhere and come back for the party.”

It didn’t stop their and already feeling “like a social leper”…she added:

“We waited until everyone was called for dinner so not to make a scene and strop out, but just before that happened, we could see the bride telling the ushers and bridesmaids what had happened and they all turned and looked at us at once from the balcony above.

“To add further insult, the ushers physically separated us with an arm gesture when calling everyone else to dinner, making us feel like social lepers.

Ouch. She added:

“We left, opened the card with £100 cash inside and went and spent it on getting p***** up together in town – like hell did we go back for the evening do after that.

“I’ve not heard from the bride at all since then, which is twisting the knife.”

The guest, still confused and shocked by what had happened, took to Reddit to ask the people of the internet whether it was acceptable to ask someone to leave your wedding having been given an invite.. even if it was a mistake. She also wanted to know if she was in the right by leaving and not coming back.

Reddit rushed to support the guests decision telling her to “hold on to the invite” in case the bride “trash talks” her.

Some commented that the couple were “rude and tactless”.

Another added:

“I’m so glad you took your gift and spent it for you and your partner’s enjoyment.

The guest quickly thanked people for their support and added that the day and experience “really was horrendous”.

She revealed:

“It’s four days later, she’s uploaded all her pictures, changed her name and is constantly online, yet not messaged to clarify or apologise”

How mean is that?

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