Man Called A Hero After Saving His Drunk Girlfriend’s Lashes And Labelling Them ‘Left’ And ‘Right’

This boyfriend did the unthinkable and something not many boyfriend’s would do…and salvaged his drunk girlfriend’s fake eyelashes and then LABELLED them ‘left’ and right’. That’s hero status right there. He’s a keeper.

Keani Babas from the US Pacific island of Guam, shared her discovery on twitter when she found her boyfriend Peter Vincent had saved her lashes after a night out.

She said:

“I was drunk and took off my lashes so my bf stuck them on a napkin and labeled them [sic]”

She also shared the photo of her boyfiend’s quick thinking labelling o ‘L’ and ‘R’ written above in black felt tip pen.

The tweet went viral of course and received up to 23,500 retweets and almost 200,000 likes. WOW!

One commented:

“Where do y’all find these kind of men??”

Another said: “girl he LOVES you”

Some said that she should definitely marry him…saying “keep him like he kept yo lashes. “Just hurry up and marry dude”

Another added:

“It’s all cute and everything until you get eyelash extensions and he tries to do that”

Oh and others weren’t too fussed by the sweet gesture and were more interested in the lashes themselves, promoting Keani to share a snap of herself wearing her them alongside details of the style.

She said:

“Here’s a pic of me actually wearing them lol. Grab a pair of your own at jane.lashes.beauty on IG”

Some tried to put a dampener the boyfriends effort saying that lashes aren’t “like socks” meaning they don’t have a ‘left’ and ‘right.’

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