Little Mix Star Jesy Nelson Opens Up On Suicide Attempt After ‘Horrific’ Online Abuse

It’s no surprise that celebrities face a huge amount of online tolling.

Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson has revealed she has suffered “horrific” abuse online and it’s heartbreakingly led her to attempt suicide at the start of her career.

Jesy, one quarter of girl band Little Mix won The X Factor with bandmates Perrie Edwards, Jade Thrilwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock back in 2011… you would think that this fame and recognition would be the most amazing thing in the world.. but she has been through so much hurt and pain.

In a new BBC Three documentary, Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out, she explains that even though she found a cult following, she faced huge amounts of hate online.

Her facebbook inbox filled with messages such as: “You are the ugliest thing I’ve seen in my life, you do not deserve to be in this girl band. You deserve to die.”

She said “It became the worst time of my life”

“I wasn’t just known as one of the singers in Little Mix, I was known as ‘the fat, ugly one’.”

Jesy didn’t had any body image issues before XFactor, but as the messages kept sending she went on to develop an eating disorder and depression. She would starve herself.

Being photographed was a huge worry and she and would dread big performances.

Jesy revealed she was “obsessed” with reading the criticism, and wouldn’t register all the praise she was getting too.

She adds:

“I had a routine of waking up, going on Twitter, searching for the worst things I could about myself. I’d type in the search bar: ‘Jesy fat’, or ‘Jesy ugly’, and see what would come up”

“Sometimes I didn’t even need to do that, I’d just write ‘Jesy’ and then I’d see all the horrible things. Everyone told me to ignore it – but it was like an addiction.”

After an X Factor 2013 performance, things got so bad that Jesy tried to take her own life…

She explained:

“I was sat in bed crying, thinking, ‘This is never going to go, I’m going to feel sad for the rest of my life, so what is the point in being here?'”

“The only way I can describe the pain is like constantly being heartbroken. I remember going to the kitchen and I just took as many tablets as I could. Then my ex, who was with me at the time, he woke up and was like, ‘why are you crying?’ I kept saying, ‘I just want to die’.”

Jesy was rushed to hospital and was absolutely fine in the end.

Jesy has also highlighted her recovery over the last five years, and how happy she is in her new relationship with Love Island’s Chris Hughes.

Chris tweeted:

“My girlfriend is the best motha f*cking role model on this planet”

Jesy added:

“Don’t get me wrong, I still have days when I feel sh*t in myself but instead of beating myself up about it and being miserable, I think: ‘OK, I’m going to have my moment of being sad, and I’ll be over it.’ Before, I didn’t let myself be sad.”

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