Kind 82-Year-Old Grandfather Paints His Granddaughter’s Nails While She Recovers From A Huge Operation

A grandparents love goes beyond anything else in this world. They love you fearceley and will do anything and everything to make you happy.

This absolute GEM of a grandad went above and beyond for his granddaughter when she’d been through a massive operation and needed her nails doing.

He volunteered to paint them for her and it’s the BEST thing you’ll see today.

 Ayla Winter-White took to Twitter to share her pamper session with her 82-year-old grandfather Keith.

She had just had surgery to get the left side of her pelvis reconstructed.

Her loving grandad, knowing she was in pain whilst recovering, offered to paint her nails with a Mavala polish in Duchess Rose.

The caption read:

“My grandparents came to look after me after my surgery and my grandad told me he wanted to make me feel better, he told me he’s been painting my nan’s nails for 30 years and that he wanted to paint mine and I needed to share this.

“‘How many coats do you have on?'”

In the snapchat clip which had the text “the actual love of my life” across it, Keith explains to her grandmother, who needed him for something, to wait while he finished as “I’ve got an important job at the moment” while painting Ayla’s nail.

Yes, this amazingly heart warming clip has been viewed over 3.6million times since it was uploaded. People love Keith.

One shared:

“This is the best thing I will see on the internet today. Maybe for the rest of my life. Just adorable. ‘I’ve got a very important job at the moment’ Yes gramps!”

Another said:

“Treasure him Cos you’ll never find a man quite like your grandad”

How amazing is Kieth!?

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