Kim Kardashian Doppleganger Claims She Is ‘More Beautiful’ Than The Celebrity!

Kim Kardashian lookalike Indira Aradinović claims she is ‘more beautiful’ than her doppelganger.

The Serbian pop star, 32 admits that she doesn’t think they are exactly identical, but she says that people are always telling her that they look the same.

Indi, says she doesn’t agree, telling local media that she thinks she’s fitter than Kim K thanks to the fact that she is ‘totally natural’ and has never had any cosmetic procedures.

Speaking to local media, she said:

“People say we look alike. We sometimes have a similar hairdo or makeup style, but it is only ever coincidence.

“They say that we are similar because of our facial features and a little bit because of our physique.

“However, if we speak honestly, I am more beautiful. I mean, I am totally natural, I have never done anything to myself while Kim has undergone many surgeries and has a lot of money.”

She added: “I would like to have a lifestyle like hers, but money is not a guarantee of happiness.”

The singer found fame after she released her debut album Indy in 2006, then appeared on a reality TV show.

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