‘Is He Really Into Me?’ 12 Signs Your Man Loves You

When we get to know someone new.. preferably someone with the potential to be your significant other, an important question goes through your head.. “Is he really that into me?”

It’s the biggest mystery of all time because overthinking sets in and you convince yourself the worst. You don’t want to be over the top and fall head over heels but at the same time, you want to make them aware you like them and avoid unrequited love.

You don’t have to think too hard for much longer as we have complied a list of 12 signs he is into you.. or you’re firmly in the friend zone. It can happen to ladies too, it’s not just guys who can be placed in that daunting zone.

This will help you figure out if he’s a player.. or playing hard to get your heart. We hope this helps!

He will ALWAYS make an effort to call and text you:

Imagine being the one to give out your number… then waiting and waiting for that call or text that will never appear. That is a horrible feeling and hopefully doesn’t happen often!

The endless reasons for his no contact with you run through your mind and you’re exhausted by the end of it thinking up different scenarios.

If he likes you.. you WILL be on his mind! He won’t stop thinking about you and that will mean that he has to talk to you. Your phone will be blowing up, within reason of course, if the poor guys at work that can make it a little more difficult.

He will always make time to see you:

Rejection is scary for guys and girls. Asking someone out for lunch or drinks and the fear of hearing ‘no’ is quite possibly the most heart wrenching thing.

If he likes you, he’ll invite you out to dinner, he’ll ask you out for drinks he’ll even ask you just to simply hang out and do nothing. It doesn’t always have to involve doing ‘something’.

Actions speak louder than words and if he wants to be out and about with you i can confirm he definitely likes you.

He will be onto you about plans, meet ups and hanging out:

When men want you.. they WANT you! If he’s made plans a week or more in advance, he will mention them 2 or 3 time before the day to make sure your’e still interested in going out.

Again, rejection is a bitter pill to swallow so he’s going to make sure you’re not cancelling or losing interest.

His body language will say he WANTS you!:

Eye contact. Body Language. If he’s staring at your lips and giving you the ‘eyes’… that guy 100% wants you.

When stood together he’ll angle his pelvis towards you and when you’re sitting down, he’ll lean in close to talk.

Physically touching you, in an appropriate was of course, is a huge sign he’s into you. He may brush it off as ‘accidental’ but in reality, he just wants you to know he’s comfortable around you and fancies you.

He remembers every little detail you tell him:

Nothing beats a man who wants to listen to you, find out what makes you tick, discover what pushes your buttons and emotionally understands you. It’s so important for any kind of relationship to work, that these are stable things your man is willing to learn about you.

If he mentions things you bought up months previously.. it means he is always thinking of you and remembering everything you say.. and that means, he really likes you. You wouldn’t remember most things someone says if you didn’t like them right?

He’ll remember your go to coffee.. buy you your favourite snack when you’re sad.. it all means one thing! He’s into you.

He tells you his passions and goals:

It’s a great feeling to hear someone list their aspirations and goals. It means they feel comfortable with you to share what their passion is and it opens up a place for you to support them. Obviously, this is only the case if he’s not being arrogant about his goals or talking in a way where he wants to boost his ego.

He tries to make you happy and help you:

A man who truly likes you will constantly make an effort to make life easier for you.

This doesn’t have to be complex situations as such, but anything from helping you carry bags to solving problems while you sort something else. It speaks volumes.

You are a huge part of his life:

It’s a big red flag if your man is buying you gifts, spending some serious cash on your meet ups.. but doesn’t include you in his life. It means he’s trying to please you so you are someone that is there for him when he want’s.. not someone who he’d show to his family and friends.

When you like someone.. staying quiet about it get’s considerably harder and in the end you’ll have no choice but to tell everyone.. this.. with or without lavish gifts.. means he’s into you.

He’ll talk about short-term future plans:

When you you’re asked if you’re available on a date in a month or two, it almost a guarantees his ever-growing affection for you.

From buying concert tickets or booking a holiday, it’s his way of telling you he wants you to stick around.

He will list things he loves about you:

Compliments, compliments and more compliments… Even if he isn’t a huge talker.. it won’t be hard for him to say how gorgeous you look today or how you are a wonderful person.

You’ll know they’re genuine compliments because of how detailed his words are. And yes.. you guessed it. He’s into you.

Arguments aren’t always a bad thing:

Being fearful of arguments is a big no because are a healthy part of any relationship, even at the very beginning. It adds to the process of getting to know someone and usually make you stronger.

If he argues with you within reason, it only means he cares enough to air the issue and get back to being on good terms with you.

He will always be passionate:

Passion is so attractive. If he want’s to see you, he’ll be passionate about what you do together and make your time with him amazing.

If he want’s to impress you.. he’ll be passionate about the way he goes about it.

Passion is sometimes a rare thing because it’s so easy to be the opposite and not care enough.

If he likes you.. passion will be a huge factor of the relationship.

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