Inspirational School Girl Got 7 GCSEs Despite Finding Out She Had Cancer In The Middle Of Her Exams

This is a story of an incredible, strong and amazing young lady who was taken out of a GCSE exam and told she had cancer. Hannah has a “bright future ahead” after receiving her results.

In May last year, Hannah Fraser, from Formby , was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma.

At the young age of 16, the school girl had previously complained of feeling tired and was thought to have been suffering from Anemia.

With no improvement, and the continued increase in the dose of her iron tablets, doctors performed a CT scan.

Just as Hannah was to sit her PE exam, Hannah’s father rushed to her school to take her straight hospital to begin immediate treatment.

It was discovered that Hannah had a tumour wrapped around her wind pipe. As well as undergoing chemotherapy and steroids Hannah had to have her lymph nodes removed as well.

Brave Hannah, who is now 17, beat cancer AND secured an amazing seven GCSEs – including English, Maths and Science. That’s incredible.

Hannah has been hailed as “an amazing young lady” by her peers, teachers and family.

The brave student is now in remission and will continue to have check ups for the next five years, until she is given the all clear.

Hannah is set to start her A-Levels and hopes to have a career in the police or hair.

Hannah, you are incredible and a true inspiration! Congratulations.

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