Incredibly Rare Moment Baby Is Born Still Inside His Amniotic Sac

You’ve probably never seen this before or even thought it was possible as it’s so rare.. but these incredible images show the moment a baby boy was born while still within his amniotic sac.

The little baby Noah Valasco was born ‘en-caul’. This means the amniotic sac protecting him within his mother’s womb never burst during labour.

Usually, the sac would break and drain out from the vagina during labour. This is when the mothers ‘waters break’.

This occurs with approximately just one in 100,000 births. In some cultures, this kind of birth is a sign of ‘good luck’.

Photographer Jana Brasil caught these amazing photos at Praia da Costa Hospital in the city of Vila Velha, Brazil.

Jana has the most incredible and emotional job of capturing the first moments of a baby’s life and got into birth photography 3 years ago.

The photographer has witnessed many babies take their first breaths.

She described the moment capturing baby Noah:

“It’s indescribable to register that moment. Last year I took photos of babies in the sacs but nothing like the photo of Noah, it surprised me.”

“I thought I had been through all the emotions, but he pulled a face and did a little pout.”

Baby Noah’s mother, Monyck Valasco, 34, expressed how emotional her son’s birth made her feel:

“People all around the world are re-posting the photos and looking for us.

I saw him being born. They lowered the screen so I could see. I cried a lot. It’s an emotion that has no size.”

Although the birth was incredible to watch, the doctors were forced to pop the sac manually.

Amazingly, en-caul births are no threat to the mother or child yet it may look like a scary situation.

The amniotic sac cushions the baby in the womb; helping the lungs, digestive system and musculoskeletal system to develop.

A Gynaecologist, Rafael Angelo Baggieri explained:

“An en-caul birth occurs when the baby is born without breaking the amniotic sac, in other words, within a little house which shelters it during gestation.”

Noah is still in hospital recovering from his incredible birth but will soon be allowed home.

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