Huge Kim Kardashian Fan Spends Half A Million Dollars On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Her

This is Jenifer Pamplona from Los Angeles, she has admitted to being a plastic surgery ‘addict’ and has shared images of her ‘botched’ lip procedure online.

Jenifer absolutely idolises and adores Kim Kardashian, and has spent half a million dollars in her quest to look like her.

The 27 year old has had more than 20 cosmetic procedures. She has now said that she vows to stay clear of the surgeon’s knife after a lip procedure left her with painful, bleeding ‘fish lips’. We think thats a good idea Jenifer!

She had three milliliters of filler injected into her top and bottom lip last month… this lead to her experiencing a painful allergic reaction.

Within 48 hours, Jennifer had to rush back to the surgery to have the $3,000 filler removed, and has since said it’s put her ‘off’.

Jennifer revealed:

“After my surgery was done I felt as though I was having a reaction and later on that day they were bleeding a lot and felt very painful.

When I saw the result of them I couldn’t believe it – I was completely botched and had been left with fish lips.

I had paid $3000 to be botched and was then told I had to wait two days to have the filler removed. I spent those days covering my face and staying inside, whenever I saw my face I would just start crying again.

Now, my lips look like an old persons – they’re stretched but look withered like a deflated balloon.”

It doesn’t stop there… Jennifer has had six pints of fat injected into her bum over eight surgeries. She’s also had two nose jobs, eight ribs removed, two rounds of liposuction, cheek fillers, a face lift, two boob jobs and more. And breathe. Yes, she’s really gone for it.

All of these procedures achieved her 39-inch hips and 21-inch waist.

Jenifer, realising what she’s done to her body, said:

“I have almost destroyed my face and my health all because I am a plastic surgery addict.

When I removed all of the filler I got a lesson – I will never undergo surgery to fix something that’s already good.

I always want more and more and I almost destroyed my face and my health in the strive for perfection.

I want my story to serve as an example to every girl who wants “big lips” that it’s not beautiful at all. The entire thing was a nightmare, but I’m glad I got my lesson.”

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