How To Break Up With Someone In The BEST Way Possible

We all know, if you’re on the receiving end of a break up… it’s probably one of the worst experiences. It hurts, a lot. Sometimes, it hurts physically because your heart feels like it’s been crushed and it will never repair.

Or.. if you’re the one doing ‘The Dumping’ you’ll ask yourself ‘Am I doing the right thing?’… ‘What if they cry’. The questions replay in your head. It’s quite a daunting experience.

If you’re on the verge of breaking up with someone, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to go about it.. to avoid lot’s of tears and to leave you with a slightly better conscience… as well as leaving your soon to be very upset partner, not too sad.

Be clear and precise…

Unfortunately, a lot of breakups stem from people who find their partner is no longer a match to their outlook, values, needs and desires.

If this is why you’re breaking up with this person, then write a list of everything that has lead you to this decision. Visualise what you write down and see if it’s definitely want to do.. if it is, then use this as a way to express your feelings to your partner.

Fall out of love in your mind before that conversation..

If you keep thinking about the happy times, it’s going to make the break up a lot harder. Be at peace with your choice and realise the feelings of happiness you once had.. may be confusing your feelings now. So detaching yourself from old memories will help you a lot.

Be kind AND strict..

Breaking up can be extremely painful, not just for the person being left behind but for the person doing the leaving. Be kind and respectful as you begin to distance yourself, however, be strict with your boundaries because if you’re not totally clear, your partner may get mixed signals and end up staying around much longer.

Give them the respect they deserve…

This is an easy one… is your partner worth breaking up with over text? or do they deserve a face to face meeting where you can fully explain everything and end on good terms with them… i’d choose the latter, unless your partner was a total twat then go ahead with a strongly worded text.

Look forward..and be happy

Don’t feel bad. Your partner may be upset for a while, but everything will get better. If something isn’t working… then it has to end or be worked on. Look forward to your future and experiencing new things.

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