Hilarious Before And After Photos Capture Little Girl’s First Day Of School

Going back to school after a long summer break as a kid was a mixture of excitement and dread. The summer flew by and before you know it you’re back in your school uniform with your new school bag and pencil case.

Five-year-old Lucie from Glasgow, had her photo taken before and after school by her mother Jillian.

Before school, Lucie looked smart, happy and ready to take the day on.

The after photo, however, saw Lucie frowning at the camera, very scruffy and a little tired.

Other mums loved the photos and were quick to share their kids’ transformations.

Harper, went through the exact same thing as Lucie and the photos are just as funny.

Oh.. and Savannah as well.. who looked like she had a very busy day.

Lucies father, Kieran said:

“Both me and mum are just stunned and very proud of her and only thought the picture would be shared between friends and family.

“None of us can believe it because she’s not usually like that. [She] always looks perfect never a hair out of place!”

Lucie’s mum said that the “wee madame” had really enjoyed seeing her friends again but was very tired at the end of it all.

She added:

“She had her skirt round her ankles almost and a bow at the back of her hair. I think her clothes were too big slightly and she was pleased to see her friends”

“I did say to her, “What did you do today?”

“Oh, nothing much”.

How funny!

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