Groom’s Microphone Records Bride Telling Him That She Needed A ‘Really Big Dump’

Weddings.. we love them. They’re the happiest, beautiful day and although they can be stressful on the whole we can’t get enough of them.

The main pressure on a wedding day is something going horribly wrong…

A bride and groom were left horrified at their own wedding when the bride announced she needed a ‘really big dump’ into the groom’s microphone.

A videographer caught the evidence. He was filming the couple’s special day but the bride and groom had forgotten that they had microphones attached to pick up the sound of their vows…. ah!

When the gorgeous bride in her amazing white dress elegantly walked down the aisle, she reached her husband-to-be, and was heard saying:

“I took a really big dump right before I came down the aisle.”

No one heard this but it was until the footage was edited that she can be heard saying it.

The groom laughed about the comment and said:

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

He then added:

“The videographer heard what you just said.”

Hilariously, the videographer then zoomed in on the bride’s face, and she can be heard muttering:

“Oh God.”

Of course, the moment was shared on social media after talk show host Jimmy Fallon took to Twitter to ask:

“It’s Hashtags time! Tag a tweet with #WeddingFail and then tell us a funny or weird story from a wedding you were at. Could be on the show!”

How funny!

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