Grandmother Temporarily BLINDED After Using Natural Hair Dye!

Grandmother, Narinder Kaur, 57, from Hanwell, west London, had an extreme reaction to natyral hair dye brought back by a friend from a bazaar in Delhi, India.

Within three days her eyes were so swollen that they had closed over and it took hospital steroids and antihistamines to take control of her severe allergic reaction.

The Grandmother is now warning others about the dangers of using ‘natural’ hair dye after her face swelled up after using an Indian henna colour.

She Says:

‘I only use natural hair dyes but this stuff temporarily blinded me,’ she explained. ‘I’d warn others about the perils of getting allergic reactions from unknown products which might claim to be more natural than they really are.’

‘Within hours my head was itchy and by the next day the doctor had prescribed me antihistamines as my head was getting progressively bigger. But the lumps around my eyes just got larger and larger.’

Narinder continued:

‘A day later my eyes were closing over and there were itchy secretions coming out of my head. By this morning I ended up getting an ambulance to Ealing Hospital’s accident and emergency unit as I couldn’t see.’

After dying her hair last Monday, by late last week the steroids started to take effect and the swelling calmed down.

The property developer explained:

‘I looked like the terrifying looking characters of the Elephant Man or the Hunchback of Notre Dame,’

‘It’s outrageous that people are selling this hair dye as natural when it clearly isn’t. It’s so dangerous.’

Narinder told how the product was marketed as a natural hair dye which her friend said was used by many in India.

‘I’ll never take a chance on a brand that I don’t know ever again,’ she explained. ‘It’s just not worth the risk.’

Narinder is still recovering from itching of the scalp and slight swelling a week later.

She continued:

‘They told me in hospital that if I’d used any more, the adverse reaction could have spread to my lungs,’ she said.

‘People need to be made aware of how dangerous something as innocuous as hair dye can be.’

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