Girl TRIES To Swindle Pocket Money From Dad With Forged Speeding Fines

Remember when Freddo’s were just 10p? Those days are long gone.. and it’s a sad reminder of how much has changed in the last few years.

This schoolgirl thinks way beyond the price of a lollipop or candy, as she’s come up with a very savvy scam.

Elizabeth Kay-Devine, from Lancashire, UK, was six when she thought of ways to get money from her parents. She would send her dad a forged speeding fine. Detailed completely with the location of the incident, the car’s registration number and even the council logo… wow!

The young lady was inspired after seeing a similar fine for one of the drivers at her dad’s company.

Her step mother, Helen Boardman, 43, said she and Elizabeth’s dad, Paul Kay, 46, nearly got caught by the letter as it was addressed from Rossendale Borough Council.

She explained:

“It nearly worked. If she had put the bank details on, then we may well have paid it.

“But thankfully she didn’t put anywhere to put your bank details in or any phone number or anything, so that gave it away.”

Elizabeth has carried on with the scam for the past five years, sending many fines from various councils. All forged of course.

Elizabeth is now 11-years-old, and her most recent letter was addressed from Blackburn and Darwen Borough Council. She demanded that £100 be paid within 10 days, or the fee would rise to £150. Yikes.

Helen said:

“She keeps doing it, she must have done it about five times.

“She does it from different councils each time. They have got better as the years have gone on.

“It all depends on which council logo she gets and how good it looks.

“It is quite shocking that someone so young knows to get the right council logo and so on. There is a good level of detail.

“She’s very computer-savvy. She good at doing stuff like that. She is very clever.”

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