Girl Transforms A Trash Bag Into A Prom Dress For ‘When Someone Calls You Trashy’

This is Amber Scholl, the very talented lady who has recently blown people away with her creative skills. This DIY fashionista makes videos to help people who are interested in making their own creations and she is truly an inspiration.

Amber has an amazingly bubbly and up beat personality so watching her videos is never a task.

One video in particular was inspired by a comment that Amber says she gets all the time:

“Amber could wear a trash bag and still look bomb.”

Amber wanted to prove it so she took her growing audience through the process step-by-step. She explains where to get supplies from to the actual creation of the garment.

Amber couldn’t believe how well the dress turned out, explaining:

“Honestly I think that this is the best DIY I’ve ever done” whilst checking herself in the mirror.

The video has been seen more than a million times, and Amber has uploaded it to Twitter, with the caption:

“When someone calls you trashy, make a dress out of trash bags and prove them fabulously correct.”

The “Queen of DIY” has wowed us yet again!









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