Girl Convinces Her Tinder Date To Get Matching Tattoos… Before They’ve Even Met!

You read some crazy stories on the internet.. well.. you’re about to read another one.

This lady managed to convince a match on Tinder to get matching shamrock tattoos before they’d even met… say what?

Chris from Pennsylvania, shared the Tinder conversation on Twitter as well as including photographic evidence that the pair went along with the tattoos even though they’d never met and were total strangers!

Chris tweeted:

“My tinder bio was ‘Just trying to find a tinder match to get matching tats with’ and today i was feeling impulsive and actually went and did it”

The lady in questions, Kennedy, started the conversation with:

“Hi, let’s get a tattoo”

Chris replied:

“I’m not one to say no let’s do it.”

The tinder couple ‘flipped a coin’ to decide what they should get, and it was decided it had to be a tiny shamrock.

Apparently, ‘spontaneity’ urged both of them to get the tatts… fair enough!

Chris explained:

“I just like to live my life as spontaneous and impulsive as I can to always keep myself doing better and living life to the fullest”

He continued:

“It was [Kennedy’s] idea to get the four leaf clover tattoo and I wasn’t going to say no because I have always been a lucky kid so that’s what I will think every time I see the four leaf clover tattoo.”

Kennedy revealed:

“At first we talked about matching taco tattoos but then I brought up the idea about shamrocks and [Chris] said yes”

“not much discussion about what we were getting”.

“My mom discovered the tweet and her first reaction was a little sceptical about the whole thing but now she’s super cool with it!” she added.

You’ll be happy to know that Chris and Kennedy are planning to go out together sometime soon, that would be a good idea.

Chris added:

“I think both of us just wanted to have a cool story and it will always bring back a cool memory of the time we were impulsive and went out and got a tattoo with a complete stranger”

He continued:

“I drove two hours away just to meet up and get it done, but we’re in the works of having another date soon enough.

“Who knows if it’ll be something more spontaneous than the tattoo!”

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