Fried Chicken Inspired Pants Are One Of The Most Bizarre Fashion Trends

Yes you read it right! Chicken drumstick pants are a ‘thing’ and are undoubtedly one of the most bizarre fashion trends out there.

Well… if you love chicken, fried chicken at that, these are probably going to look great to you.

Sometimes it’s nice to look a little edgy, right?

These pants are basically inspired by everyone’s favourite snack…fried chicken…

CieKen, amazon retailer, sell these pants for just $6.99 (£5.50 ) and you can get them in sizes small to extra large.

Maybe if they aren’t for you, your friend might like a pair? You know.. if they like fried chicken.

The description online reads:

“The most chic Chicken leg pants – very popular in Instagram and Facebook.

“It reminds me of the KFC Chicken leg. You can look like carrots, crispy chips or the back of a horse, etc. All you can imagine.

“Consider getting two of them, one for yourself and one for your best friend, it is a surprise gift for your friends or family on Thanksgiving day.

“There are very few types of outfits that any one of us can carry perfectly but harem pants are surely one of them, Harem pants with Sneakers is one of the most simple, comfortable outfits.”

Not bad.

One wrote:

“Oh yeah my friends! Check out one of the latest fashion trends: Fried Chicken Pants. Bringin’ sexy back!”

Another added:

” Fried Chicken pants anyone ? I want a pair.”

One wasn’t feeling it, saying:

“Fried Chicken Leg Pants ….these ads keep showing up on my Pinterest and I don’t know how to feel about them.”

Another added:

“If these fried chicken leg pants become a thing, I will reserve the right to go up to anyone wearing them and tell them they look like an idiot. ”

They do look quite comfy don’t they…

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