Female Bodybuilder, 82, Beats Home Intruder So Badly He’s Hospitalized

When burglars and home-intruders target a home, they usually target a home that contains vulnerable people who are unable to defend themselves.

But this eighty-two-year-old woman, who is a former bodybuilder, decided she wasn’t going to let this happen.

Willie Murphy – 13WHAM ABC

Willie Murphy, who lives in Rochester, New York, was getting ready for bed one evening recently at around 11 pm when she heard a pounding on her front door.

She ended up calling the police to get the man help, all while refusing to let him inside her house – resulting in him getting extremely angry.

A dark evening in New York – Pixabay

“I hear a loud noise, I’m thinking, ‘what the heck was that,'” Murphy said. “The young man is in my home. He broke the door.”

Murphy, who said she can deadlift 225 pounds and recently won a weightlifting competition earlier this year, was shocked but unperturbed. “He picked the wrong house to break into,” she said.

Willie Murphy and a friend at the gym – 13WHAM ABC

She grabbed the first thing she could — a table. “I took that table and I went to working on him and guess what? The table broke!” she said.

The intruder immediately fell to the floor but the beat down didn’t stop there. “When he’s down I’m jumping on him,” Murphy told WHAM, as she demonstrated how she stomped on him.

When police officers finally arrived a few minutes later, the suspect was apprehended, taken to the hospital and Murphy was applauded by the first responders.

Watch her incredible interview here…

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