Fashion Nova’s Extremely Revealing Lace Up Top Is Having Mixed Reviews

Fast fashion has fast become popular in recent years thanks to Pretty Little thing, Missguided and Fashion Nova.

Their clothing is affordable and fashionable (most of the time) so buying from a brand like this is the go-to.

The most recent garment to stand out to social media users was a top from Fashion Nova…it’s called the Party Starter Long Sleeve Top.

FashionNova aren’t strangers to giving the world some ‘out there’ styles with some being dubbed as “unwearable”. Away from their previous releases like the front thong bodysuit and see-through chaps, there is a new garment ready to take first place for the strangest choices in fashion.

The top is a bargain at $24.99 and it features a lace-up front that connects just above the bust, so yes.. you will probably feel very exposed.

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People were quick to comment on the clothing, with one saying: “So, a cardigan with only the top button done up?”

Another added:

“Why would u wear this other [than] the bedroom?” “Hysterical.”

Another said:

“Im a granny idk about these young kids [sic],”

One admitted to being too “scared to move” once she got it on, and another joked that she was “Totally going to wear this to church”.

Some loved this look and simply said: “I love this shirt,”

Another added:

“just tie it at the bottom”

You can get this top in black and burgundy, and it features a thick knit and rhinestone lace-up detailing.

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