Experts Reveal Charcoal Toothpaste Doesn’t Whiten Your Teeth

We all thought we had it figured out with Charcoal toothpaste, but apparently, it might not be whitening your teeth after all, say experts.

We were led to believe by clever marketing that black toothpaste includes charcoal-derived ingredients that will WHITEN and BRIGHTEN your teeth.

Now, experts have warned us all that there is no clear evidence to suggest that it works. Huff.

Some experts even say it could lead to tooth decay as the whitening product often contains no fluoride, which destroys plaque.

If it does contain fluoride, the charcoal ingredients could absorb it.

Don’t be too disappointed as it CAN remove stains but you can do that with normal toothpaste..too.

Experts from Manchester University and Kings College London have labelled the charcoal toothpastes as “marketing gimmicks”.

Dr Joseph Greenwall-Cohen from the University of Manchester Dental School and British Dental Bleaching Society said:

“The problem is that there are so many celebrity endorsements and social media posts about these products, but the claims made about them are unsupported by the evidence.

“The high abortive nature of charcoal limits the amount of active fluoride in the toothpastes required for prevention of dental decay.

“Additionally the ‘whitening effect’ of the toothpaste is limited to removal of staining and may be no more than the whitening effect of any regular toothpaste.”

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