Demi Lovato’s Nudes Leak As Her Snapchat Account Is Hacked

Demi Lovato’s not had an easy time of late.

The Sonny With A Chance actress had the world in a panic last year after she nearly fatally overdosed at home.

The singer and actress openly battled addiction and was known to have been to numerous rehab facilities prior to the overdose.

Fortunately, Demi survived the ordeal and after a long period in hospital seemed to be on the mend.

Only a week ago, addiction to drugs took the life of one of the stars close friends and Demi took to Instagram, telling her fans that if any of them are battling addiction they should seek help.

Despite the fact that Demi is clearly mourning the loss of a dear friend, a hacker has sought fit to invade her personal Snapchat account.

The hacker not only broke into her account but they found some nude photographs and decided to share them with the world.

The nude photos have been doing the rounds since last Thursday (October 17th.) Sadly despite there now being a general understanding that seeking out such nudes is a clear invasion of the victim’s privacy, many people are still asking for them on Twitter.

Thankfully there are also plenty of people on Demi’s side, calling out those trying to access them.

Some fans are concerned that this latest ordeal might be too much for Lovato. Understandably, those that have followed Demi’s struggles over the past few years are worried about how the star will react to this invasion.

Lovato and her team are yet to respond to the nude leak. Although they quickly removed the hacker from her account and have been working to get the nude images taken down from online platforms.

Let’s hope Demi gets through this latest setback and doesn’t take any notice of the haters.

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