Check Out The New Crazy Beauty Trend ‘Moon Brows’

Brows, brows, brows. So many ways they can be shaped. You can get them threaded, plucked, waxed.. dyed. The list goes on. Plucked? They are well and truly a beauty need and will continue to be the centre of attention when make-up is concerned.

Have you ever heard or seen of…Moon brows?

Hayley Bui, who is an Instagram influencer and founder of Hayley Cosmetics, modelled these bad boys… the one eyebrow seems to hang off of where it should be and curves around the eye. Interesting.

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Now.. before you thought you could go and bleach your eyebrows to achieve this look.. good news.. you don’t have to do anything but use photoshop.

It’s all thanks to 20-year-old Stefan James, owner of modelling agency Skyz.

James revealed that he came up with the now ‘moon brows’ when Bui, his friend, mentioned how much she loves the moon.

He explained:

“I actually worked with one of my close friends Hayley Bui to create the idea. She loves the moon and she and her fiance Eric both have matching tattoos of moons. I just turned it into a [sic] eyebrow style as editing is my thing.”

James is onto a winner as moon brows are all the rage and the feedback has been great!

He explained that “The brows have had a crazy mixed reaction, some people love it and some hate it. I just created the edits for fun but it’s insane to see the nasty comments from people who are against it.”

He added:

“We’re living in a new era and being creative and thinking outside the box is probably one of the best things.”

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