Brother And Sister Decide To SHARE Wedding Day To Save Money

Some go the extra mile to save money on their big day. I mean.. it’s not cheap and any saving is a huge bonus. This brother and sister did just that and saved a huge amount on their weddings, literally cutting the cost in half when they decided to get married on the same day at the same venue.

31 year old Andrea Walker, and her younger brother Christopher Brennan, 28, decided to get thrifty and have back-to-back ceremonies.

The siblings shared the costs of a joint reception for more than 100 guests.

This worked out to be a huge £5,000 saving. Wow!

Andrea married Matt Walker, 28, on Sunday, 25th August and just 30 minutes later, her brother Christopher and his girlfriend Adele tied the knot too.

They were able to afford their dream weddings at a posh Castle Hotel, in Tamworth.

Andrea said:

“Matt and I were looking at getting married at the same time as Christopher and Adele were also looking at places.

“It turned out we were all going for similar locations and colour schemes, but the cost was spiralling. I was chatting away to Christopher one day, moaning about the costs going up and then we just said ‘why don’t we do it together?’

She added:

“Then it sort of snowballed from there. It happened by chance because it was convenient. It was also better for my dad who is suffering from emphysema to be able to see us both get married on the same day.”

Christopher, her brother, added:

“I didn’t think we could afford to get married.

“I was joking to begin with. I first came up with the idea sitting on the sofa one evening when I worked out how cheap it would be to share the cost with another couple.

“We realised we could afford to get married after all if we shared the date with my sister. It was special day and it was plain sailing to be fair.”

Father of the siblings, Colin Brennan, 61, said:

“It was just brilliant to have the weddings on the same day. That’s is how close Andrea and Christopher are. It was definitely a very proud day and a good night as well.

“It’s not really that surprising because they are so close to each other and really love each other. They decided to help each other out with the cost.

“It’s really lovely that after sharing so much as kids, they’ll now share wedding anniversaries too.”

What a great idea!

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