Bride Gets Bouquet Of Nuggets On Her Wedding Day

Newlywed, Blair Tyson got more than she bargained for on her big day.

Maid of honor, cousin and closest pal, Jenna Spetz hatched a masterplan to ensure Blair’s wedding day was one to remember.

Facebook/ Jenna Spetz

When working out what to say for her maid of honor speech, Spetz found herself thinking what a bizarre coincidence it was that Blair was marrying someone who was named after her favorite chicken nuggets.

And no, before you think it… Blair was not getting wed to Popeye.

IMDb/ Popeye The Sailor (1960)

Blair Hardy, from Oregon, Ohio got engaged to a man called Adam Tyson. It was in fact, Tyson brand chicken dinosaurs that had been a lifelong favorite of Blair’s.

Even as an adult, Blair still had a lot of time for Tyson’s processed chicken nugs.

This is why maid of honor Jenn decided to send the food manufacturer a cheeky email.

Talking to Insider, Jenna confessed that she, “really didn’t expect my inquiry to go any further than an auto-reply from customer service.”

The chicken nugget manufacturer did a lot better than that. In fact, they were so touched by Jenna’s email they pulled out all the stops to help make Blair’s wedding day special.

Facebook/ Jenna Spetz

At the reception, Jenna got her wife to hide the special Tyson’s gift behind the stage. She then proceeded to deliver her speech about how important Jenna and Adam are to her.

Once everyone was suitably emosh she revealed the chicken nugget bouquet handcrafted by the good people at Tyson Foods.

Facebook/ Jenna Spetz

But that wasn’t all. Oh no, not for a long shot.

Jenna then passed Blair a letter written by the President and CEO of Tyson foods inc. Noel White.

In the sweet letter, White expressed his delight in hearing of the newlyweds big day. He offered some advice on married life and best of all, a parting gift…

A year’s supply of Tyson brand chicken nuggets.

Do you know what a year’s supply of chicken nuggets looks like?

Well, I guess it looks something like this…

Adam and Blair better invest in a large freezer or have a really big chicken nugget party.

Facebook/ Jenna Spetz

Heck, if Tyson had gifted Blair and Adam with the nuggets sooner that would have been the wedding menu covered.

Maybe Blair should get Jenna to ring around some dipping sauce companies next.

See if Siracha will send Adam and Blair on their honeymoon. Try and wangle some Taco Bell cheese sauce for their baby shower!

Mmm, Taco Bell cheese sauce…

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