Bride Carries Bouquet Of Donut’s Down The Isle Instead Of Flowers

We all know a wedding day is one of the most beautiful day’s in your life.

The people, the dress, the venue, the weather. Everything perfectly working together to create a truly magical day.

With a wedding day comes traditions from years and years ago. Many people follow these traditions and feel it’s not right to change what has worked for so many years. This is a little different for these women, who decided to ditch the usual traditions and do things their own way.

We’ve seen weddings take a different turn before of course, things like brides wearing pantsuits or a strange themes for weddings. What do you think about this though…

A bouquet of donuts. Yes. Not flowers. Donuts. Gosh this is making me hungry!

This is very much a thing and has been done before. before.

23 year old Australian bride, Paige Kirk, walked down the aisle with a bouquet of donuts.

The yummy bouquet was decorated in ivory icing to match her dress from Australian-based bakery, Dessert Boxes.

Dessert Boxes are all about unique dessert creations. They are perfect if you want to do something a little different on your big day.

The bridesmaids even got their own matching donut bouquets.

You’d think that someone would give into the temptation of a yummy donut in front of them for hours, but amazingly, they stayed put.

The bride explained:

“We had plenty of goodies beforehand so we were too full too eat them”

Paige and her husband Steven had been together for three years before they tied the knot.

She added:

“We wanted the wedding to be a bit different and really reflect who we are as a couple”

Sounds good to me!

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