Boss Sent Teen Home To Change As Her Skirt Was ‘Too Short’

A teenage girl has been left feeling humiliated by her own boss telling her to go home because her ‘skirt was too short’.

Lillie Cattell, 18, was shocked when her boss suddenly sent her home. The teenager had been working as an administrative assistant at a property management company in Harlow for nearly a year and was abruptly called for a chat by HR.

Her clothing was branded “inappropriate” and then she was sent home to change.

Lillie, clearly angry about the situation explained:

“I had frustration and anger building up inside me because I had warn the same outfit a number of times before”

“I just said ok and walked off. I was having a panic attack, I couldn’t breathe.”

Lillie was wearing a yellow roll neck jumper, checked shirt and black boots…

She added:

“I was full of embarrassment I had to log off and get my bags and explain to my manager why I was leaving”

“When I got in my car I was having a panic attack, I couldn’t breathe. On my way home I had to pull over on the A414 because I was hysterically crying, my dad came to pick me up.

“I just feel humiliated, my dad told me I should put in a formal complaint, so I did. There was no sympathy or anything, I have had no contact with my manager or director.”

Lillie added:

“I am on a low wage anyway and they expected me to make a 40-minute journey home to change, that is petrol I would have had to pay for.

“I want to do well and take every opportunity that is given to me but I feel like I can’t. I just feel like I can’t win.”

Lillie, upset about her experience, has since left the company but revealed she was offered to attend an informal meeting to discuss the incident but said no to the meeting.

Lillie.. you look great!

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