Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Are Expecting Third Child!

Amazing news as it’s been revealed that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are expecting their third child together as a picture emerged of Lively’s belly being cradled at the premiere for Reynolds’ new flick, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Detective Pikachu.

The couple got married back in 2012 and already have two daughters together – James, four, and Inez, two.

Lively wore a beautiful yellow dress while on the yellow carpet for Reynolds’ forthcoming film, Detective Pikachu.

The film, set in the Pokémon Universe, see’s Reynolds playing a popular pocket monster and is based on the Pokémon spin-off game of the same name, where players work with a talking Pikachu to solve mysteries.

The 42-year-old actor previously announced his involvement by sharing the first trailer for the film on Twitter, saying:

“I think we all knew I’d wind up as a miniature detective repeatedly saying the same two words. Just didn’t think it’d be this soon.”

Blake and Ryan have always spoken about their family life, last year, Reynolds joked that he was ‘hoping’ for a third child.

Previously on The Ellen Degeneres Show , Reynolds told everyone his children ‘happened from sex’.

He added:

“I’m hoping for a third soon. They say you need to do 10,000 hours of anything you want to be an expert at, so…”

But when pressed on whether he’d be having any more little ones anytime soon, he assured everyone he was very busy already with their family life and also admitted to not wanting to ever have to watch Frozen again.

“I have seen Frozen with my daughters so, so many times,”

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