Beauty Trend ‘Rainbow Teeth’ Is One Of The Many Crazy Trends On Instagram

There are hundred’s of strange beauty trends out there, from moon brows to crystal freckles… but this is definitely one of the most bizarre trends to hit our phone screens.

Have you ever heard of rainbow teeth? It’s where people actually paint their teeth to match their nail polish or outfit. Yes.

Forget about the pearly whites and Hollywood smile, you can pick colors such as Sunshine, Fairy Dust, Mint, or Pretty in Pink for £15 a bottle.

CHRŌM is the company that created the polish and the product works just like nail polish and will stay on for up to 24 hours. It doesn’t even smudge when you’re eating and you’ll be happy to know that is has no taste.

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To remove the product just brush your teeth with toothpaste as normal.

10 different colors can brighten your teeth: light pink, a slightly darker pink, baby blue, a slightly darker blue, mint green, yellow, light gold, dark gold, silver, and copper, all with their very own unique names.

Creator David Silverstein says he can see it being a very popular trend.

He said:

“We see this becoming commonplace – everything from a club vibe to an everyday workplace fashion accent.

“Perhaps you go to work with one tooth [that] matches your nail polish or your hair colour.”

He says the solvent is made from a grain alcohol base and that the pigments, are compliant with the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act. Similar to what you’d find in food coloring.

He says the product is ‘100 per cent safe’ and was formulated by dentists.

He added:

“It doesn’t stain your teeth, and it’s not permanent.”

He said:

“I have no idea what’s in this product and the safety long term. Seems like the company does not want to give the ingredients out and they are calling it proprietary.

“Unfortunately, that is not good enough for me to give an OK to this product, not knowing what the long term ramifications are. It may be completely safe and it may not.

“If I am putting something like this over my teeth which is basically ingested, I would need to know what what exactly I am putting in my body.”

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