Beauty Fridges Are The Latest Skincare Trend

STORAGE! If it looks cute and it’s a perfect place for MAKEUP then it’s a huge YES!

Beauty fridges.

Forgot storing your fizzy drinks, get your makeup in one of these, it has soooo many benefits and it looks SO CUTE!

Many companies are already selling mini-fridges to store all your beauty products inside to keep them cool before application and he popularity is growing fast!

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Lot’s of people have already purchased their own special make-up fridges, too and are absolutely loving them!

You can place your face mists, jade rollers, night creams and other lotions inside the mini-fridge for a few hours before using them.. they help preserve the products for longer!

Also, if you use this in the summer months, it’s going to be so refreshing.

People have said adding a cooling step to your skincare routine reduces puffiness, can tighten pores and calm any irritation. I WANT ONE NOW!

The only thing you shouldn’t place in the fridge is oils and balms as the cooler temperature can cause the products to separate.

Brands currently selling these amazing fridges are The Cosmetics Fridge, and the Makeup Fridge.

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