Beauty Fans Are Raving Over New Make-Up Remover Cloths

This cloth that magically removes your make-up with just water has gone viral and beauty lovers are praising it.. some even label it the best product they’ve bought all year.

It’s such a bargain! Retailing at just $3.69 (£2.99) at the moment AND it’s available to order from Amazon… W7’s ‘It’s Magic’ cloth is also a eco-friendly so you can say goodbye to make-up wipes!

The rectangular cloth, is created out of knitted polyesters and silk fibres, finer than a human hair… oh and it’s hot pink! What’s not to like?

As soon as water hits the cloth the fibres in the material go through a hydro-mechanical process which breaks up the tension that bonds the make-up to the skin.

It’s extremely effective and can even remove waterproof products such as eyeliner, mascara and HD makeup and lipstick…wow!

AND you can stick it in the washing machine and will last over 1,000 washes.

Of course..don’t leave it too long without being washed for hygiene purposes.

Beauty experts say that if you buy a few cloths you can save yourself on washing them all the time.

People have branded the product as “magical” with a five star rating on Amazon.

One said:

“This is kind and gentle and great for the environment and wallet too as it saves a ton of money not buying make up wipes”

And it’s brilliant for sensitive skin thanks to the soft microfibres.

One person added:

“This little cloth has changed my makeup routine. Gone are the days of using wipes which make my sensitive skin flare up and sting”

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