Beauty Blogger Shares Unedited Photo After Struggling With Acne

We all have insecurities, men and women.. whether it’s our skin, our bodies, we feel sometimes we have to ‘airbrush’ pictures before they can hit our social media and it’s got to a point where it’s very rare to see a photo that is in it’s ‘raw’ state.

This beauty blogger is a true role model.

Influencer Kadeeja ‘Kaddy’ Khan, who is known online as @emeraldxbeauty, mustered up the courage to share a side-by-side image of her make-up look to Facebook – one being airbrushed and the other raw.

Kaddy, looks beautiful in both pictures, and she hopes her post will be empowering and inspiring to anyone who struggles with their skin and feeling confident.

The influencer admitted she was apprehensive to share the images at first, but felt she had to as her followers should know that everything on the internet isn’t always a perfect mirror of real life…

She said:

“I had to think twice before uploading this. It was magical to me when this happened. I remember this collage was the first time I ever got reposted by @hudabeauty it the best day for me! I felt great & happy”

She added:

“However I received soo many messages at the time telling me “your makeup looks are amazing” “wish I could be beautiful like this” “wish I had all of this” “it’s not fair!”.”

” I’m putting this up soo all those people that felt that way .. Understand that it’s not real! None of it is! The people you see airbrush on the internet with there makeup looking soo blended it looks invisible!

“Of course that makeup is great! But understand the images you see may not be the real deal! PLEASE look at the comparison! Yes it was amazing at the time! But it wasn’t me. All your referring to is ‘Face tune’! I’m showing you this so you get that everyone is not the “perfect” person on instagram! [sic.]”

She added:

“Not for 1 second would anyone guess that I have suffered with acne for years (unless you know me) all you see is a photo of perfection. Someone young would look at that & be like “I wanna look like that” well in FACT the girl in the images (MEE) does not even look like that!”

Kaddy’s message is simple… learn to love, accept and embrace your flaws because they make you YOU and they are beautiful.

One of Kaddy’s followers said:

“I think that this makes you even more beautiful! Thank you so much, I needed to see this today!”

While another added:

“Wow well done you making the beauty industry beautiful and real.”

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