Beauty Blogger Gives Herself Henna Freckles, And The Result Is Horrendous

DISASTER! Never. ever. ever do this.

Semi-permanent freckles using henna is a big NO!

Luckily for you, there is a video evidence of this beauty blunder so you never make the mistake yourself.

Naomi Jon, a German beauty blogger is huge on YouTube. She has over 746,000 subscribers and her videos are based on beauty, tutorials and the rest.

She vlogs make-up brands, hair dye but this recent video made her look like the murderous doll Chucky – she called herself that by the way.

Naomi set herself a challenge and experiment in which she will give herself permanent freckles.

She says she was inspired to do the look because of an Instagram video she’d seen on the page ‘Uglysxegirl’.

Naomi even met the girl from the video and found out what she needed to do the look herself.

The vlogger explained she’d bought the recommended product from eBay and followed the Instagrammer’s instructions. She wanted a ‘natural’ look.

Naomi opened the box and straight away said it didn’t look like the same product her inspiration had used and admitted she was ‘kind of scared’ but continued.

Naomi proceeded too confidently applied dozens of freckles to her nose and cheeks.

Worryingly, the henna started to burn the bloggers skin, and this still didn’t stop her.

Naomi attempted to wipe it away after it has been on for its allocated time, but the dots remained the same. Oh dear.

Naomi’s skin was left angry red and very spotty.

The vlogger branded the experiment a ‘total disaster’.

Not even full coverage foundations could hide the disastrous spots underneath.

Naomi said:

“I regret everything. I actually wanna cry. I think I am gonna cry when I finish this video. I need to go to work tomorrow and it’s not even possible to cover this. I’m gonna go through hell.”

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