Ariana Grande Posts Photo Wearing Crocs And Socks, Now Everyone Wants To Wear Them

Usually, wearing socks and sandals is the ultimate NO GO in the fashion world. The very thought of it just doesn’t make sense at all…

Crocs are an interesting option because although they’re probably the comfiest show on the planet, they don’t look exactly… appealing to the eye.

Some brands have even transformed crocs into ‘fashionable’ footwear with things like studs.. fur and glitter! They’re definitely a quirky option.

Ariana Grande, as well as a pop star is definitely a trend-setter, with women wanting to look like her around the world.

She’s considered a true style icon by her fans. So when she uploaded this fashion look recently.. if it were on anyone else, it may not have had the same response.

The ‘thank u, next’ singer uploaded a picture of herself, rocking her very familiar ponytail with a charcoal-coloured sweater on.

Fans couldn’t help but notice what was on her feet: a pair of white sports stocks and Crocs. Interesting.

We think that Ariana is trying to rehabilitate Crocs and make them cool.. because they definitely ‘work’ on her.

Ariana made no mistake when uploading this snap, as later on she uploaded a second picture, where you could clearly see the footwear.

Well.. if you love this look, you can actually by crocs that come with socks attached!

Streetwear company Alife and Crocs have released an all-new collection of their multicoloured plastic shoes which come with a pair of tube socks attached to them.

This price tag may put you off though.. they cost $140 a pair.. FOR CROCS!?

Not sure about that.

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