Are Nostril Hair Extensions The New Rage?

It’s a known fact that hairy nostrils are not something people want to deal with so waxing and removing the hairs poking out nostrils is a beauty must for most.

Times are definitely changing though as having super hairy nostrils is now desirable so people have started to give themselves DIY extensions. Very interesting.

Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen used false eyelashes to create the look along with others. People quickly jumped onto the trend and gave it go themselves loving the new ‘look’.

It’s true that there are some interesting ‘beauty’ trends out there but this definitely tops it!

Who wouldn’t want to go around looking like they’ve got a spider hanging out of their nose?

There is now a #nosehairextensions tag on Instagram with lots of photos of women showing off their hairy nostrils…

The look requires gluing the extensions to your nostrils using eyelash glue. Pretty sure that should only be used on your eyes…

I wonder what the next big beauty trend will be?

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