Angelina Jolie ‘Lookalike’ Interviewed Without Make-Up Or Prosthetics

Sahar Tabar rose to fame for her bizarre and somewhat horrifying resemblance to Angelina Jolie. But this week, she has spoken out for the very first time and she is completely bare-faced.

The Instagram star was arrested recently, accused of blasphemy, inciting violence, and corrupting youth on social media as well as obtaining money through illegitimate means, Tasnim reported.

Following the arrest, Sahar’s Instagram account, which had accumulated 26,8000 followers, was suspended indefinitely.

However, some of her most dedicated fans were quick to preserve her photos and videos in tribute accounts.

This week, she has appeared on the Iranian regime-run channel, IRTV2, and spoke candidly about her unlikely online fame.

The channel reportedly brought her on the show as an example of how aspiring for social media stardom can “ruin a real life.”

During the interview, the star holds up an image of herself, presumably before having any cosmetic procedures.

“I do not currently look like my photoshopped pictures. My mother was telling me to stop, but I didn’t listen. Sometimes the words of a stranger or a friend can be more important than those of a parent,” Sahar explained.

Though her face is blurred, it’s fairly obvious that she bears little resemblance to the exaggerated appearance she showcased on her Instagram account. In fact, from what we can see, she actually looks somewhat normal.

“Vulgarity on social media gets a lot of clicks,” she added.

Sahar, whose real name Fatemeh Kh, first rose to fame last year when she posted photos of her drastically altered facial features. With her over-enhanced lips, wide eyes, gaunt cheekbones, and up-turned nose, many people were quick to compare the influencer to a skeletal, more zombie-like version of Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie.

Though the star has continuously denied attempting to look like the movie star, she had admitted to having over fifty surgical procedures on her face, and has said that much of her appearance comes from makeup and “heavy editing.”

Sahar has long insisted that she is her “own muse”, and doesn’t want any affiliation with the actress or the cartoon character, The Corpse Bride, which she is often compared to.

Check out the full interview below:

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