Amazing Mom Buys All The Shoes In Closing Store To Donate Them To Kids In Need

We sometimes take shoes for granted.. when they’re easily bought, replaceable.. you forget that some people cant even afford a new pair and thats heartbreaking.

A child in need greatly benefits from new shoes, it allows them to play, run around and be more comfortable.

When the new school year begins in September it can be a real worry for struggling parents to buy a new pair of shoes.

Shoes That Fit, a charitable organisation, states that one out of five American schoolchildren are in desperate need of a pair of shoes.

A good pair of school shoes makes such a difference and supermom Carrie Jernigan agrees.

The mother-of-three has gone out of her way and purchased almost 1,500 pairs of shoes from a closing shopping store to give to children in need ahead of the new school year. How incredible?

The mother who is president of the school board in Alma, a city located between Fayetteville and Fort Smith noted the ‘very high poverty rate’ within the area and knew she had to help.

Carrie explained:

“I’m in the schools a lot and where I live we have a very high poverty rate.

My immediate thought was, this could put so many shoes on kids that would not have new shoes to start back to school.”

Carrie was out shopping with her kids when she realised she could help in a huge way.

Her eldest daughter, Harper, asked her mother to buy a pair of Avengers shoes for a classmate who had been talking about them.

Carrie added:

“I jokingly said to the clerk, “How much would it cost to buy the rest of the shoes in here?”

Next thing I know a regional manager is on the phone asking me if I seriously want the whole store.

I was thinking, “what have I done – Shawn’s going to kill me”. We ended up making a deal for the shoes left which was approximately 400 pairs of shoes.”

It was the next day that Carrie went back to the store and began boxing up all the shoes. She then discovered that hundreds more shoes had been delivered.

Carrie wrote:

“Harper and Campbell immediately say we can’t leave those shoes too. I said, we will open a few boxes, if it’s kids shoes we will try and get it.

We begin to open the boxes in the back of the store and in the loading dock – box after box are kid shoes. Champions, JoJos and every different type of princess and light up shoes you can think of.”

Carrie brought ‘approximately 1,500 pairs of shoes’ and knew she wanted to give all the pairs away to the children in desperate need of them.

Carrie plans to distribute the shoes at a big Back to School event.

Carrie has since started a GoFundMe page with a goal of $5,00 to buy more shoes for kids who really need them.

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