Adorable Boyfriend Makes His Girlfriend A Basket Full Of Overnight Essentials For Whenever She Stays Over

This very grateful lady has shown the world just how great her boyfriend is when he filled an adorable basket full of overnight essentials for whenever she stays over at his. How thoughtful is that?

Girls can relate to this.. if you’re staying over your partner’s house for the night, you have to take everything right? Well this guy just made things a lot easier.

He filled the basket is dry shampoo, make-up wipes, hair brush, mouthwash.. the lot!

Tiegan Dougall’s boyfriend, Aaron got the full twitter treatment after doing this totally sweet thing for her and people absolutely love this forward thinking guy.

Teigan tweeted:

“Canny believe Aaron’s made a wee overnight essentials box up for me to keep at his for when I stay so cute x”

Teigan’s has gone totally viral after being like 40,000 times, with many tagging girls their boyfriends to get them to do the same.

One girl said whilst tagging her boyfriend:

“You needd to learn from this lad boyy,”

Another tweeted:

“Now this is the kind of man we need!! Imagine.”

Teigan explained:

“He basically surprised me with all the things I might need and what I usually forget to bring to his house whenever I stay over.

“He actually just tried to remember anything I happened to mention in passing, especially as I was complaining about dragging all my stuff to his every weekend.

“I was really surprised because you don’t really expect someone to think of something so personal and nice.”

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