75-Year-Old Great Grandmother Gets Driving Licence So She Can Take Older Sister To Doctors

This incredible 75 year old great grandmother from Western Australia learned how to drive for the first time recently. She decided to learn so she can help her older sister get to the doctor. How amazing is that?

Winnie Sampie, from Port Hedland in the Pilbara region, despite people telling her she had left it too late to learn how to drive, proved them all wrong.

She said she learned to drive years ago ‘out in the bush’, when she was younger, but never was bothered enough to get her license.

Winnie has always walked everywhere but since being diagnosed with arthritis, she needed a mobility scooter to get around.

Although the scooter allows her to keep her independence, Winnie said it it made her want to get her drivers license.

She said:

“I was planning on getting it for a long, long time but I know everybody thought I left it too late.”

Winnie didn’t give up even thought people tried to persuade her not to do it and feels so happy with can help her sister.

Bloodwood Tree Association .helped Winnie with the application process and getting her Leaner Permit. Tanya Holman, her instructor, said Winnie was the oldest participant they’d ever had… but that didn’t stop her!

Tanya said:

“She had a Learner’s permit [and] she did go to other driving schools, but it gets expensive.

A lot of the time, Winnie said she had to stop having lessons. There were big breaks in between. She couldn’t afford it. She’s on a pension.”

Bloodwood Tree Association said:

“Now with her drivers licence, Winnie will now be able to help her older sister to medical appointments, shopping and be able to take their dog for a run to the beach. Importantly she will not have to rely and/or ask other people for lifts or pay for taxi’s [sic].

Bloodwood Tree are all incredibly happy for Winnie on this achievement, and we are sure Winnie and her story will be an encouragement to others.”

Winnie had a few difficulties with the hazard perception test, because she never uses a computer… it didn’t matter too much as the 75-year-old passed her driving test on the first attempt.

Winnie said:

“I’m so proud of myself for achieving that. It took me a long time but I got it.”

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