6 Major Signs He’s Cheating On You

It’s the worst feeling in the world when your gut is telling your something is really wrong with your relationship. You are doing everything you believe is right to keep the relationship going but something tells you that your man isn’t being as faithful as he should be.

He looks different, becomes secretive and mentions ‘her’ name now and then, and it makes you think..hey.. something isn’t right here.

It’s truly heartbreaking.

We’ve complied the top 6 signs he is definitely cheating on you.. check them out below:

1. His mood swings have escalated:

One unnamed cheater revealed:

“I was constantly looking for reasons to get away, and it was hard to think of new excuses all the time. So, I’d start a fight with her.”

Sometimes when there is no reason to get out of something, or to leave a situation…he has to create one.

He’ll be out all the time, no mention of where he goes.. leaving you wondering ‘why?’. If he’s hiding what he’s doing and where he’s going to be…it’s a big NO!

2. He changes his appearance.

“After I started my affair, I dropped like 10 pounds in about a week. It was crazy.”

Sometimes, cheating men change physically. They decide to eat better, train more and start to look after themselves so much more than they used too. They want to appear attractive to the new lady in question and start to take pride in their appearance.

3. He remembers the wrong things.

“I was talking to my wife about a movie we saw and laughing about one of the scenes. She wasn’t laughing. I asked, ‘What? Don’t you remember?’ She then informed me that we hadn’t seen it together.”

The times he spends with the person he’s cheating with compared to the times he spends with you.. start to blur.

Memories being made may get confused with older ones with you and you’ll be able to pick up on his words and slight memory loss when it comes to talking about things together.

4. Privacy is a must!

“I was working from home and I started closing the door more often, saying that the kids were loud or that I just needed to work quietly. I was online chatting with my mistress.”

If he starts going into work earlier, leaving work much later or taking phone calls in other rooms.. privately, means that he has something to hide and isn’t the usual behaviour of someone who is open and honest about who he’s talking too.

5. His sexual appetite and style changes.

“I started my affair and all I wanted was sex, but not from my wife. She knew something was up, because our sex life was always pretty active.”

“After I started up with [my mistress], I started sleeping with my wife much more often. She told me I was really aggressive in bed and that she hadn’t seen me that way before.”

A big warning sign of cheating is when your partner changes how he sleeps with you. If the style isn’t familiar and the aggression is higher, it means he’s getting it from elsewhere and it’s changing him..

6. He’s secretive with his phone.

“I bought SnapChat on my cellphone to communicate with her.”


“I didn’t want to send emails, which are traceable. So, we established a new Gmail account and communicated in the drafts folder, without ever sending anything.”

Unfortunately, the ever growing change in technology means that cheaters can get away with communicating with people so their significant other can’t see what they’re up too.

Jealous woman looking at her partner chatting on the phone

If he suddenly has a new password on his mobile or computer or second ‘work’ phone thats never in the house… it could mean he’s cheating.

If he doesn’t want you to see his phone screen, it could mean he’s hiding his messages to her.

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