5ft Mother Says Girls Are Extremely JEALOUS Over Her 6ft 7in Boyfriend!

A five-foot mum and her extremely tall 6ft 7in boyfriend have received a lot of online abuse from women who are jealous of her ‘taking one of the tall boys’.

Sophie Hines, 28, has been dating partner Miles Lloyd for the past 18 months and the couple have a six-month-old son Remy together.

The couple initially met 10 years ago when an old photo emerged of them together in a club, posing because of their huge height difference.

The mother from Essex, said:

“A lot of angry tall girls have said I should leave the tall boys alone. There are a lot of angry tall girls who say, ‘My boyfriend is smaller than me, why have you taken a tall one?’

“But I can’t help it, can I? It’s such a silly comment. You can’t help who you like. I’m not going to dismiss someone because they’re tall and just go out with someone who is 5ft 5in.

“I 100 percent confront people when they make comments about him – I have to do it.”

Supportive boyfriend, Miles, has never had an issue with the height difference and says he loves the way they look together.

Miles, said:

“I like our height difference. I love being out with her and showing off. We look very good together.

“We never spoke about the height difference when we started going out. I like that she’s small, I just like her.

“It’s amazing though. I can’t believe there are so many people interested in us. We just embrace it.”

It’s been revealed that when the couple started dating Sophie said she had some concerns about how things were going to work in the bedroom.

People now regularly ask her about the ‘logistics’ of the relationship.

Sophie said:

“Loads of people ask us how we kiss. He has to crouch and I go on tiptoes – there is no other way.

“We get so many comments about how we have sex. I actually said that to him before we get together – how do you do it?

“But he said it’s only his legs that are long – his body is a normal size. It all works for us, anyway. I just can’t believe that that’s the first thing that people think of.

“I got a lot of looks when I was pregnant. All I heard from everyone was that I was going to have a big baby.

“As soon as they saw Miles they were saying, ‘Oh my god, I feel sad for you.'”

Sophie even searched online for celebrities with large height differences to see how it would work.

“When we first got together it was when Kourtney Kardashian was going out with Younes Bendjima and they had a massive height difference too,” she said.

“I was googling pictures of Kourtney with her boyfriend and was worrying we would look ridiculous, so I had to google to make sure I wasn’t the only one.

“I think people notice his height more because I’m so short. If I was 5ft 9in or something, I don’t think they would really notice it as much. But there’s such a contrast between us it makes it more noticeable.”

The couple, who have been together for nearly 2 years now, say they wouldn’t change anything about their relationship or their heights.

Sophie said:

“Our height difference hasn’t affected our relationship at all. I wouldn’t have him any other way.

“I always say to him, ‘Do you wish I was taller?’ but he always says, ‘No, I love it that you’re small.’ I’ve never met any other couple with the same height difference as us.

“When we go out we get so many looks. It was weird at first but we’ve definitely embraced it now. Miles is so oblivious to it.”

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