10 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head When You Unexpectedly Bump Into Your Ex

This is something we’ve all worried about. Bumping into the Ex. Yikes, it gives me shivers.

You know when you want to be swallowed up by a black whole the second you unexpectedly run into someone that you’d really rather not see ever again.. yeah, it’s not a nice feeling.

Can you relate to this list of thoughts when bumping into THAT person?:

1. Oh my God, is that…No.. it can’t be… oh gosh.

2. NO! Has he seen me? Can I turn around? Should i hide?

3. Oh gosh, he waved, he’s seen me, help. Forced to engage.

4. I can’t get over how fake my ‘Hello’ sounded. Did he notice?

5. Of course, i look like i’ve been dragged through a hedge on the day i bump into him. Huff.

6. He’s not..as good looking as i remember.

7. I know i stalk him, i know he has a new girlfriend, he doesn’t know i know. But i DEFINITELY KNOW. Do i pretend i don’t?!

8. Quickly. What have I been doing that’s exciting… errrr… i definitely didn’t drown in ice cream when we broke up.

9. What was I thinking? You? Really?

10. Here come’s the awkward silence. Great. It’s so loud yet so silent.. time to make up an excuse and GET OUT OF HERE!!

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