‘You’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals Joe’s New Name And City

When You first hit our screens, we were all hooked on watching how the creepiest bookseller in the world took destiny into his own hands to make sure the “girl of his dreams” fell in love with him. He stalked and seduced until she had no choice but to call him her boyfriend. As the storyline evolved, we got an insight into the psychotic ways Joe Goldberg wanted to “love” Beck which eventually led to an unfortunate ending.

Credit: @texaspost

Since it was announced that the series was being awarded with a second season, we’ve all been waiting patiently for all the details to be released. We’ve got a date, but we now want the juicy details of how Joe’s obsession continues even when he finds his second victim – girlfriend! I meant girlfriend!

Credit: @LAunvrs

After the trailer was released yesterday, we were told that Joe is going to be leaving New York behind and adopting a whole new identity. I mean, it makes sense. It’s hard to find a potential partner if you’re an obsessive murderer, so at least he thought about it, right? Now in Los Angeles, Joe, or should I say, Will, immediately decided he hates this new city because “everyone’s pretending to be someone they’re not.” 

Irony at its finest.

But when Love, yes, she’s actually called Love, catches his eye, he decides that LA might be the perfect place for him.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t end up the way Beck did…

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