World’s Scariest Haunted House Pays $20,000 If You Finish It But No One Ever Has


Do you consider yourself a bit of a thrill chaser? Would you say that you could hold your own in the face of terror? Does the idea of pain, gore, and guts not phase you at all?

If you answered, “yes I’m a total hardball,” to all of the above then maybe you should consider visiting McKamey Manor.

This house of horror that LA Times reporter, Brady Macdonald, deemed “Truly Terrifying!” was set up by a man called Russ McKamey.

Although Mckamey claims to have spent millions on his house of horrors, (which now boasts two locations: Nashville, Tennesse, and Huntsville, Alabama,) he doesn’t charge entry.

All Russ McKamey asks from participants is that they bring along some dog food to help feed his five pooches.


In order to win the coveted $20,000 prize fund, competitors have to complete Russ’ latest show, Desolation, whilst beating the clock.

According to the man behind the game, this is his most extreme course so far.

Speaking to WGNTV, Mr. McKamey said: “With the new mental game, it’s much more difficult. And because of that, no one’s even started the clock.”

If you’re wondering what goes on in this house of horrors, it really is pretty horrific. From having your face shoved in putrid toilets, your wrists tied, eyes duct taped and made to crawl through confusing terrain.

McKamey claims he gets inspiration from movies to create his courses and come up with the monsters. The monsters are McKamey’s team that in character, lead and terrorize the contestants throughout the house.

Previously, McKamey has dressed up as the serial killer, Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs. And his excessive use of blood has left contestants running out of the house looking like Carrie.

You might be thinking to yourself, what kind of person would run a house of horrors such as this… but despite what his unusual hobby might suggest of him, McKamey claims he is a pretty normal dude.

McKamey insists, “I’m a very straight-laced conservative guy.” He finds it frustrating when people consider his haunted house to be “this torture factory, fetish factory.”

I mean, I guess don’t knock it til you’ve tried it…


If you are going to sign up for Mckamey Manor’s latest horror experience you will need to sign a forty-page waiver, get a note from your doctor and complete a physical. Then you will undergo a thorough background check and take a drug test.

This is certainly not an experience for the weak-willed.

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